Sound Engineer

Sound Engineer Careers

Sound Engineer What does a sound engineer do? Professional sound engineers maintain and operate sound recording or broadcast sound equipment. They work with a variety of professionals like music artists, movie & television directors, news stations and radio stations. This is a highly technical job and to become an audio engineer requires a lot of training and to develop […]

Mix Engineer Lu Diaz

Mixing Engineer Lu Diaz on Mixing Major Key

Mixing Engineer Lu Diaz on Mixing Major Key Mixing engineer and producer Lu Diaz is based in Miami Florida.  He is a  three-time Grammy Award winner who is credited with over 30 platinum and gold record awards.  In 2016 he won his third Grammy for his mixing work on Morgan Heritage’s Grammy Award winning album “Strictly Roots” and […]


Lu Diaz Mixing Engineer Philosophy

Lu Diaz’s Mixing Engineer Philosophy I’ve been a mixing engineer professional for over 20 years and my philosophy is still very simply,  don’t reinvent the wheel “Less is More” Although I am a huge fan of technology and all that is next level, I try to always find the simplest answer to a sonic problem.  Let me give […]

Mixing and Mastering engineers Lu Diaz and Chris Athens

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and Mastering Today we are going to go over the relationship and differences between mixing and mastering.  In the process of producing a commercially acceptable piece of music (Song) mixing and mastering are probably the two most important factors concerning the technical sound fidelity of a production and in many cases even the feel […]

Music Producer / Mix Engineer Lu Diaz official website graphic

Music Producer and Your Music

The Music Producer A music producer in many respect has a very broad role in the recording and the production of a song.  Some of a music producer‘s roles include, gathering and selecting songs, arranging those songs by hiring musicians and programmers, overseeing the performance of the musicians and artist in the studio, selecting the a recording engineer, a mix engineer and […]

Mix Engineer Lu Diaz in room A at Circle House Studios in Miami

What is a Mix Engineer

What is a mix engineer A mix engineer or mix engineer is an individual who is responsible for combining (“mixing“) all the different audio elements of a recorded song  (vocals, instruments, effects etc.) into a final mixed version of the song (“The final mix” or “The mix down“).  Essentially each track on a console would carry a single sound, for […]

Mixing Engineer Lu Diaz in Room A at Circle House Studios

Hiring a Mixing Engineer

Before hiring a mixing engineer 1.) Nowadays any one can call themselves an mixing engineer.  But if you use just a bit of common sense, you can quickly differentiate between a novice and a professional mixing engineer.  Let’s start with the obvious, reputation and experience.  Just a simple check with Google is the simplest way to instantly determine […]

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Shadow Hills Compressore Review

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Plug In Although there are a few differences from the hardware version, one of the traits that did translate over is the musicality of this Plug In. For me this compressor was made for the 2 bus. It can be used as two independent compressor and there is definitely value there, […]


Ozone 7 Review

Ozone 7 by iZotope The Ozone 7 is one of my favorite plug ins.  From the Limiter, to the EQ, to the Exciter, this is the swiss army knife of the audio plug ins in the world.  It is the most transparent Eq I’ve heard in a long time.  The limiter is one of the best, […]


Prism Sound Audio Interfaces

Prism Sound Audio Interfaces Through my twenty plus years as a professional mix engineer, I have never heard a better audio interface than the Prism Sound ADA-8XR,  but at a retail price of approximately $12,500.00, it is not the most affordable choice for independent audio professionals.  Luckily Prism sound has made available the same quality of […]

Yamaha HS50M Studio Monitors

Yamaha HS5 Lu Diaz Review

Yamaha HS5 Although the new Yamaha HS5 studio monitors are not the legendary Yamaha NS10s they are definitely a surprisingly good option moving forward.  The Yamaha NS10s were the industry standard for many years, but like all good things, they will eventually be replaced by newer technology and design.   Although if you asked any mixing engineer today if they would […]


Pro Tools 12 Lu Diaz Review

Avid Pro Tools 12.3 Pro tools is the industry standard and over the years professional mix and recording engineers as well as amateur sound engineers have created quite a community.  Well Avid is trying to capitalize on this very idea by introduction the Avid Marker Place.  In this marketplace artists, producers, musicians and engineers can work with […]




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