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  2. I believe Mr. Woods is entitled to his opinion. I don’t agree with it.I think we need to, as a culture, take a more accepting view of mental health issues and not stigmatizing folks who have them.This should have no bearing, though, on our right to keep and bear arms.Those are two of my opinions, and Mr. Woods is free to reflect upon them.

  3. 172Míriam, yo soy una de esas que no había caído en la relación de la manteca con el mantecado, jajaja! me pasó lo mismo hace no mucho con la ensaimada y el saïm (palabra balear para denominar a la manteca). Por suerte, yo no soy mucho de mantecados y no he pecado mucho. Sea como sea, te quedaron preciosos y no dudo que muy ricos.Muchos besos!146

  4. I notice your photography skills have improved dramatically since the Baekdudaegan. Have you been on a course? You even got some cool wildlife shots. Can we conclude that Farty McDouch scared off all the animals from the tiger’s spine?

  5. I have no doubts in my mind about the top three actors and also about the most popukar actor in india….Mostly agree with this poll…would have voted exactly in that order….Quite surpriesd see Ranbir ahead of Hritik though…but these are opinion polls so respect people’s views…

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  13. "Spero che intendessi i primi tre, non certo quelli nuovi!"Ovviamente ma specialmente il secondo…wow! Eppoi è un videogioco che ci gioco praticamente da 20 anni, nessuno me lo tocchi! 😀

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  16. Ce n’est qu’une caricature ! Et un parallèle avec une fiction américaine !Cependant pour déclencher autant de réactions… je vois bien que les gens sont touchés.Si tu es d’accord, une interview relatant ton expérience à Hong Kong m’intéresserait pour le blog. Au moins, tu pourras dire ce que tu as à dire !

  17. elci525I thought Chehon had the stand-out night, which really pleased me, as I was sure he’d be going home. Eliana was just heaven; Witney impressed me with her ability, but s/thing about her same vampy character annoyed me; annoyed me in her solo too. Allison was phenomenal her routine; I kept looking at her instead of Cole, unfortunately. I thought Will’s dancing was a bit sloppy and heavey – but I didn’t care!! It was so much fun to seen him move with that flow, and play a more serious character.

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  22. You wrote, “so you wrote this as if Romney might lose and in that case what Va should do – to essentially do a modern-day version of massive resistance health-care style.”Massive resistance? Are you crazy? How do my proposals undermine Obamacare in any way?Are you saying that price transparency and fewer medical errors are antithetical to Obamacare? Really?

  23. Bonjour, et merci pour ce concours!Pour moi, c’est d’abord le crochet, une vraie addiction depuis que j’ai arrêté de fumer. Le tricot ensuite, mais dans une relation moins passionnelle… Et maintenant j’ai envie de me mettre très sérieusement à la couture..

  24. Alejandra Hello Ryan!I really hope I can make it to the acoustic shows. If only people in Honduras realized how amazing you all are. My friends like your music so that´s a start. If I am able to make it, this would be my first concert in a foreign country. Hopefully I´ll see you in December! *fingers crossed* . Take care Ryan and enjoy the rest of the CT tour.

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  28. MichaelI think you are absolutely right about the ecosystem metaphor and its emphasis on balance, diversity and dynamism. How about we get a DEMOS/New America Foundation working group, discussion, panel, provocation happening on this – we can hit both coasts, NY and DC? And find some allies in the center of the country and begin to engage in a real discussion about what we need, want and can make happen….Lucy

  29. There were a lot of grammar errors that kept throwing me off during the story, and one thing struck me in the beginning that just made me not like it since it didn’t make sense….“I’m young and I don’t have bills…”“…the old apartment building we lived in…”He (the narrator) never mentions anyone but himself and the girlfriend. So, I have to ask, WHO WAS PAYER OF BILLS?VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

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  35. It was pretty cool to watch the game, but being here in G-ville, it was like a riot touched off! After the game, for at least an hour, there were fireworks popping off and a dull but steady roar of fans. For all that though, only one guy got hurt. He was hit by a car streaking across University Ave. I usually despise sports, but this ensnared me. Gator Nationalism…

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  37. Thanks, Sagunto! Very good point about greed. Ascribing motive to markets is akin to personifying an animal. An animal does what an animal does – without motive – but with the single goal of survival.

  38. I love the looks of that restaurant!One of my go-to places in Baltimore is this little hole-in-the-wall called Annabell Lee Tavern. It’s TINY, but the staff is amazing, and their food is out of this world. My boyfriend and I always splurge on dessert there: they make a “Chipwich” with two fresh chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream. It is out of control!

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  46. Wow I naively thought there was proof here…..I forgot for a second that I’m reading a blog ran by some loon who rarely – if ever – posts legitimate proof about anything she posts on…unless it’s Sheree’s public court records….Grade A loser

  47. It seems intuitively dumb for the sellers of securities to pay the ratings agencies. But the problem is that the purchasers know damn well that's what's going on. I had trouble making sense of it until explained: the purchasers WANTED misrated securities. They wanted the return that came riskier assets, but didn't want to face higher regulatory hurdles under Basel II.

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  49. Seeing as how Dr Paul has been elected multiple times and has been at the top of virtually every internet poll of republican candidates (MSNBC, ABC, etc.), I wouldn’t call him “un-electable”. Also as someone who is a strict constitutionalist and probably the only current member of congress to never have violated his oath of office, yeah, I plan to vote for him. There certainly isn’t anyone else running on either the Rep or Demo side that I’d vote for.

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