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  3. Bob & Claire, reading and watching you two enjoying this new chapter in your life is awesome. And it doesn’t hurt that you have a common friend, the one-and-only John Hoyle, helping make this all possible. Love you guys,Dick & Helen Kelly

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  14. Now this is quite a promo to celebrate!1) Perfect Chaos now reminds me of a Dragoon (from Panzer Dragoon Saga)I like this new skin he’s developed, still looks like a nasty foe (but even more this time around)2) Most of the stages demo’d were from Classic Sonic’s perspective. That’s a first!Curious how Crisis City will fair against either Sonic. That tornado will still chase us somehow!Plus new mix of CC stage, I dig =D

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  22. You nailed it Field – this cartoon is way too accurate to be making a point because EVERYTHING in it is openly true (and some of it among McCain’s strengths). I bet there are at least a few McCain supporters are somewhere high on Bud Light having misty fantasies about this very scene coming true in ’09.

  23. August 13, 2012 at 6:56 pmI agree with this and am glad I work in the USA and have health insurance. I even agree with aid to the so-called migrants because compassion is good but let’s call them what they are, on the most part, illegal immigrants, They should be treated but then deported-end of story. The same should go for illegal immigrants in the USA.

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  25. People…come on…of course what I know he will not return…EVERYBODY knows – fãs or not – It was only my desire/dream for a fan like many other fans, but we all know the health problems of this great artist, right ??? kisses!

  26. oh wow, i’ve only read one (or a few) of those books on your list, “the book of three”. although, i probably read the one by john bellairs because i *loved* “the house with a clock in its walls” and i know i read several others in the series.i really connected with the dragonsinger books by anne mccaffery when i was in junior high.

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  31. Virkelig flotte og super inspirende billeder, Morten! Jeg elsker selv at kigge pÃ¥ tumblr (og er ogsÃ¥ stor fan af din, hæhæ), og jeg elsker inspirationsindlæg. Dog tænkte jeg pÃ¥, om vi ikke mÃ¥ se noget af din inspiration fra hverdagen, f.eks. kunne du lave et indlæg om fashion pÃ¥ din skole eller lignende. PÃ¥ den mÃ¥de bliver det ogsÃ¥ lidt mere personligt, apropos dit tidligere indlæg 🙂

  32. YouTube team, why do ya always try to fix something that is not broken? I don't know if this is haappening for anyone else, but now the videos I watch pause every second and there's no sound. Is not my computer cause in other websites I can hear audio and watch the video. Who suggested this changes? The old way was better. Some people like the bulletings and some don't, so give us the choice to put them in our channel or take them out.

  33. Thanks James.It’s been a long time since I read the book. I have often told myself I am going to re-read it to see if my perspective has changed, but I can never bring myself to do it. In the end I just found the book very offensive and insulting more than anything else.I can understand why people like it. If you have never heard these ideas before, they can bring about a sense of peace. They did for me, back in the day, depsite my overall distaste for Tolle himself.Jonathan

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  36. Oh no!! I totally did not know your birthday was in December!!! Ugh–blew that with the brunch girls. I wish you would’ve have said something! Well, Happy (very belated) Birthday. (((hugs))) I feel so bad now for not having cake for your birthday.

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  60. Men have 110% control over abortion. They chose not to exercise that control. However, the issue is a non-issue as in most cases a person who experienced rape is given the “morning after pill” in the hospital — end of story. Nobody knows if the person was pregnant or not, but no pregnancy will happen. In the mean time men, exercise your right to control ALL abortions. You do not have the right to run amuck creating pregnancies here, there, and every where.

  61. See? I didn’t get the notification that you responded. So weird… I guess I’ll just have to check back periodically. Oh, that stinks. We have 24 hour stores here that have everything, so I’m lucky. I can go whenever I want and there’s always what I need. Which is pretty cool …MysteryCoach recently posted..

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  79. Mark and Andrea,I was heartbroken to hear about Miles. I would have been at the funeral, but was out of town this week. It is hard to lose a much loved family member, but the Lord is with you. He knows and loves you, and everything will be all right.- Susan Nell & Family — Susan Kelly Nell

  80. Hey Susan!Meece, I think it is. See the above comment for more on what I thought of the taste. Suffice to say that while I tend to be obsessive and hyper-critical I have nothing bad to say about this (save for my slicing technique). You’ll love it. – Joe

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