March 12, 2016
Music Producer and Your Music
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Music Producer and Your Music
The Music Producer

A music producer in many respect has a very broad role in the recording and the production of a song.  Some of a music producer‘s roles include, gathering and selecting songs, arranging those songs by hiring musicians and programmers, overseeing the performance of the musicians and artist in the studio, selecting the a recording engineer, a mix engineer and a mastering  engineer.  Essentially supervising the entire process from composing, arranging, recording mixing and finally mastering.  In some cases a producers will take on the executive producer role of paying for the entire process.  This comes with the added responsibility for the budget, schedules, contracts, and negotiations.

The recording industry has two kinds of producers executive producers and music producers.   Just like in the movie industry and executive producer has the same responsibilities which includes keeping the project in budget and overseeing the music producer’s hirings and doings in the process.  A music producer answers to the executive producer and is commissioned to produce the project to the ultimate satisfaction of the record label.   To elaborate further,  music producer ‘s  also vary in many ways.  Some wear a lot of hats in the process of producing a project, in where the producer is also the composer, musician, recording engineer, mix engineer and is sometimes referred to as “The Bedroom Producer”.  In stark contrast some music producers put together and hire a team of audio engineers, including composer, musician, programmer, recording engineer, mix engineer and mastering engineer.

In some cases the record label hires an A&R who is enlisted to oversee the creative decisions made by the music producer and his team relating to the recording, mixing and mastering of the project.

After working on many project a lot of music producers keep their team of musicians, programmers. recording engineers, mix engineers and mastering engineer intact.   Mainly because after many projects the team build a synergy that is difficult to rebuild.  In many cases the mix engineers especially can become very valuable to a producer.   Once a music producer is well established they can become highly in demand.  An established producer can influence much more than the music decisions in an artist career and in many cases establishes a career path which labels will follow.  Some well known producers sign the artist themselves and spend their own money developing their artist.  In this manner they are free from the labels a&R getting in the way of a producers vision for an artist and allows the producer the freedom to practically finish a project without interference.   In these scenarios a producer can mold an artist way beyond the music.  They are known to establish a look, attitude and all around aura for their artist,  in fact a great producer plays a vital role in an artist’s success and career.  Unfortunately the opposite is true when artist sign to the wrong producer and the outcome can often be disastrous.


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