February 6, 2016
Ozone 7 Review
by : admin

Ozone 7 by iZotope

The Ozone 7 is one of my favorite plug ins.  From the Limiter, to the EQ, to the Exciter, this is the swiss army knife of the audio plug ins in the world.  It is the most transparent Eq I’ve heard in a long time.  The limiter is one of the best, specially in the loudness department. As a mix engineer and using the Ozone 6 extensively in my mixes, in my opinion iZotope’s Ozone 7 should be in every mix engineer’s tool box.  The harmonic exciter is exceptionally and customizable. The Muti-band compressor limiter is also super useful when zeroing in on a certain frequency to correct.  The stereo imaging is also an added plus to this jam packed audio plug in.  Check out the video for the Ozones features in detail.

I highly recommend this plug in, it is an essential addition to your audio plug in tool box


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