February 6, 2016
Prism Sound Audio Interfaces
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Prism Sound Audio Interfaces

Through my twenty plus years as a professional mix engineer, I have never heard a better audio interface than the Prism Sound ADA-8XR,  but at a retail price of approximately $12,500.00, it is not the most affordable choice for independent audio professionals.  Luckily Prism sound has made available the same quality of clock and conversion to much more affordable price points.  Know this, no matter what level of mixing or recording you are at, it is worth every penny to invest into any of these Prism products.  As a pro mix engineer  in the business, I have to say that Prism is simple the best sounding audio interfaces hands down.

Here are the rest of the product line:

prism sound atlas $5,295.00

prism sound Titan $3,995.00

prism sound Lyra 2 $2,695.00

prism sound Lyra 1 $1,695.00

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