February 5, 2016
Pro Tools 12 Lu Diaz Review
by : admin

Avid Pro Tools 12.3

Pro tools is the industry standard and over the years professional mix and recording engineers as well as amateur sound engineers have created quite a community.  Well Avid is trying to capitalize on this very idea by introduction the Avid Marker Place.  In this marketplace artists, producers, musicians and engineers can work with each other and offer their respective services to be hired within the marketplace.  Essentialy Avid is creating a eco system for the recording industry.  Their hope is that everyone participates and in turn make this marketplace the recording industries go to network.  I have to say that it is a pretty ambitious under taking that avid is attempting, but I believe with the right support, it may very well work out.  The only downfall that see right off the bat, is that if Avid requires everyone to work off of the cloud servers, it may turn some professionals off.  Myself included, a lot of pro mix engineers do not like to send out their mix sessions.  Mainly because they would prefer to keep their trade secrets and set ups private.  The new commit feature in Pro Tools 12.3 claims to be able to quickly stem down a session for delivery to a record company.  Technically “Commit” does work great except when grouping vocals through a auxiliary track where your key vocal set up maybe inserted. In which case you would need to bounce each vocal down separately.  I have to say that the commit feature definitely improves the time it takes to stem a session out. So in my opinion it would still benefit Avid to keep the cloud service out of the marketplace.  Only time will tell if this eco system ever gets off the ground, but it is certainly a effort in the right direction.  In Pro Tools 12.3 there are a few new note worthy  features like “Commit and bounce”, “Transparent waveform” and the new “Batch Fades Window”, but for the most part, it is mostly the same.  If you are a mix engineer for hire, I have to say that I would recommend upgrading to Pro Tools 12.3

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