February 13, 2016
Shadow Hills Compressore Review
by : admin
Shadow Hills Compressore Review

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Plug In

Although there are a few differences from the hardware version, one of the traits that did translate over is the musicality of this Plug In. For me this compressor was made for the 2 bus. It can be used as two independent compressor and there is definitely value there, but like I said for me this is the ultimate 2 bus compressor. One way of looking at it is like mix engineer would use a GML EQ. Yes of course you can use it as two individual eqs, but if you owned one and it was not inserted on your 2 bus, I’d be scratching my head. Unlike most plug ins out there, the presents are usually not even worth listening to, but this shadow hills compressor presets are great for getting to know the plug ins range of sound. If you are serious about mixing music or are a pro mix engineer, then this is definitely a must in your tool box. Although this is mainly considered a mastering engineer’s compressor, if used discretely and appropriately it can be an amazing mixing engineers tool as well. Sound engineers all over the world know brand names associated with excellence like Prism, Solid State Logic, Genelec, GML, Focusrite and Shadow Hills Industries falls right in with those names. This is at the top of my list as far as compressors go. I have had the pleasure of working with many amazing tools and artists in my mixing engineer career and The Shadow Hills compressor always proves to be the best, most transparent compressor out there. UAD has definitely brought the original compressor to the digital realm.  I highly recommend this compressor for your two bus and or master and definitely for mastering your music, you would be hard pressed to find another mastering compressor plug in that can even hang.

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